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Joseph Edamaruku was a journalist and rationalist from Kerala. He is popularly known by Edamaruku. He was born on 7 September 1934.

He was the president of Indian Rationalist Association from 1995 to 2005. As a rationalist and atheists, Joseph Edamaruku wrote over 170 books on different subjects ranging from religions to philosophy to Miracles. His books were best seller at his time in Kerala.

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Joseph Edamaruku Quotes

Today everyone know that beliefs-Joseph Edamaruku quotes-ImageSofia-com

Today everyone know that beliefs have no scientific foundation and are the result of man’s speculation.

Except as a fantasy about time-Joseph Edamaruku quotes-ImageSofia-com

Except as a fantasy about time and Yuga, there is no scientific proof for these Deduction.

Bhagavata and Quran were written-Joseph Edamaruku quotes-ImageSofia-com

Bhagavata and Quran were written more or less in the same period.

Joseph was worth a read-Joseph Edamaruku quotes-ImageSofia-com

Joseph was worth a read. Of course, he was just one of the several influence on him.

— Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya
We are not called to proclaim philosophy-Joseph Edamaruku quotes-ImageSofia-com

We are not called to proclaim philosophy and metaphysics, but the simple gospel.

— Charles Spurgeon


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